Saturday, 21 January 2012

Preacher - Ryan Kelly

I made a lot of effort to try and get Ryan on board, and I was right to do so, UNREAL!!!

Jesse, Cassidy and Tulip

Arseface and Hugo Root - Mark Lone

I asked Mark Lone to do an Arseface and Hugo Root piece, which he really hit out the park, to add to it he did a unbelievable homage of Kurt Cobain!!!!

Really love this piece, cheers Mark!!!

Eisenstein & Jezebel - Dwayne Biddix

I love it when an artist wants to do characters that are away from the main core...and boy do we have a few!!!

HUGE thank you to Dwayne Biddix for a great pic of Eisenstein and Jezabel minus any parts of Starr that Jezabel may have acquired!!

I'm Back!!!

OK, got married, moved into a new house, got a dog!

I been busy!

But behind the scenes, I been working away at getting more people onboard to finish this book...I'm back!