Monday, 6 February 2012

David Smith - The Chunt Brothers

This one is fresh of the press!

Chunt Brothers!!! Great dinner guests!!!

Thank you David!

Felipe Echevarria - Spaceman

Felipe went above and beyond, I love this piece, it's such a beautiful piece of art!

Felipe, you are a superstar, THANK YOU!!!

Jeff Edwards - The Seraphim

Jeff's art is fantastic and is proof patience is a virtue!!!

The Seraphim - what a stunning piece!!!

Thank you Jeff!!!

Lee Carter - Sexual Investigators

Lee Carter is possibly one of the nicest men in comics, between a heavy schedule and moving house, he sorted me out with this bad boy!!!!

Bob Glover and Freddy Allen - It's buggerin' time!!!

Thank You Lee!!!!

Paul London - Christina Custer

I fell in love with this piece, I was worried about how a Christina Custer piece would be approached, so when Paul said he loved the character, I was looking forward to seeing what he came up with....

Amazing! Thank You!

James Stayte - The Messiah


Awesome piece by James Stayte!!! Crazy amount of thank you's, absolutely spot on!!!