Saturday, 14 July 2012

Until the End of Time...

There was smiles, cheers and tears, as I FINAAAAALLLLYYY presented my Dad with this amazing book! Its safe to safe he absolutely loved it, and I couldn't be happier!

There were some awesome additions that I kept out of the limelight until he opened the book including these fantastic pieces by the legends Steve Dillon and Glenn Fabry:

My Dad has asked that I post his Thank You, so to all you fantastic artists:

"This is a heads up to all the fantastic faces who invested their time, effort and skill in Ryan's quest. My sincere and deepest thank you, it would be true to say that I learned to read from comics but your visuals opened my eyes and imagination. Comics have always been my buzz and to have a sidekick thats turned into a main character with his own book means more than anything"

I hope that everyone following the blog enjoyed the journey, thank you once again to everyone involved, it has been beautiful!

My birthday is in August, no pressure Dad.....

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