Monday, 30 May 2011

Getting Started!

OK, the copper album was booked and under way, but before it was complete, the Bristol Comic Expo popped up, seizing the opportunity I jumped on the train and got things rolling. This is how I did....

From top to bottom: Arseface - Boo Cook, Cassidy - Mike Collins, Cassidy - Paul Grist, Cassidy - PJ Holden, Herr Starr - Graeme Howard, Herr Starr - Kev Crossley, Jesse - Cosmo White, Jesse - Keith Burns, Jesse - Matt Timson, Jesse - Paul Duffield, Jesse - Vicky Stonebridge, Marie L'Angelle - David Millgate, Saint of Killers - Charlie Adlard, Tulip - Stephen Donnely

Fantastic start!!!

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