Sunday, 29 May 2011

How it all began....

"Sometimes the poorest man leaves his children the richest inheritance."  - Ruth E. Renkel

So we're at a convention, and my Dad see's Will Dunlop weaving his magic on his bespoke embossed copper albums and immediately falls in love with them. Being a lover of the unique (this is a man that brought me an African silk waistcoat and his partner a fully carved totem pole as gifts), it was something that spoke to him...he also dropped more hints that he wanted one than my fiancé did about the ring she liked!

I conceded to getting him one, as I myself had seen them and agreed they were awesome, however I was stuck to think of what he would actually do with it. It would be a shame to do nothing with it given the quality of the covers, so I came up with a plan!!!

All my hobbies stem from my Dad, from my passion for football (although supporting Arsenal feels like he did that as a punishment at times!) to my love for comics, they were all things I loved because I shared them with him.

One comic that we have spent hours talking about is Preacher, the characters we loved, the people they reminded us of, the story-lines that sunk our hearts (and in true Preacher fashion made us cringe) to the lines we had stolen and said to our partners...

So here's my plan...I'm going to get the copper embossed album done in the style of one of Fabry's fantastic covers and fill the album with artwork from as many artists as I can, giving the artist an opportunity to have their interpretation on the comic gem that is PREACHER! Characters, senarios, there so many choices, creatvity is theirs!!! This art will then be bounded into the copper cover album, which will hopefully result in one happy father (fingers crossed!!!!!)

This isnt a Simon Cowell production, so no sob story here, its quite a happy one actually. Just a son that appreciates everything that his father has given him in every sense, that has an opportunity to give a little back....WISH ME LUCK!

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